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VTDJEntertainment located in Burlington Vermont maintains complete and absolute respect for your musical taste, while still incorporating unexpected musical treasures that make the crowd go wild! Great music and 100% customer satisfaction is the goal.

We offer a variety of services including Weddings, Privet Events and more. Take a look below to learn more, and get in touch with any questions or special requests.



       Aras Noori -Owner

  Being in love with music his whole life, Aras Noori, joined the entertainment scene of Burlington, Vermont in 2013, and became known as DJ-Ara$. Intrigued with spinning records and making crowds of people dance, he taught himself how to blend and mix tunes and later on earned a bachelor’s degree in music industry from University Of Vermont. Growing up in multicultural Burlington, VT, Aras naturally embraced the culture and started DJing at local bars and local college parties. In 2016, Aras founded his business brand VT DJ Entertainment, a local DJing company, providing entertainment services to local Weddings, Parties, and various events. 


   Catch Aras Spinning at his weekly residencies at Red Square every Saturday on main stage.

      Kata Chompupong

  KATA aka DJ ATAK.. Born in New York City moved to Burlington VT when he was 12, started Spinning when he was 16 in his basement at home, after a little while he started playing college party's, it wasn't till about a year ago he started making a impact on the club scene not even taking 6 months to move into a Friday night resident position at the hottest club/bar in Burlington RED SQUARE. Now he is currently playing clubs in major city's such as Boston, New York and even going overseas to Bangkok Thailand To rock some clubs.


  A DJ with a Unique style and so much energy Playing, Blending, Mashing up tracks through out the night for a unforgettable performance every time.


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